Like I said before, a good coyote lure will last for years. Good clean coyote urine will do the same. You can abuse each one of these products and shorten their life span. This is something you do not want to do. Lets take a sec and look at how we can make sure we can keep our coyote lure in the best shape for the upcomming trapping season.

coyote lure coyote bait urine

The first way is to keep the coyote urine and coyote lure and baits out of the heat. I know as any thing in trapping, some guys will go to the extreme on any thing, this included. When a lure maker tells you to keep the lures, baits and urine out of the heat, what does he really mean. For the most part this will mean not keep your lures over the summer is a tin shed that will get up to 115 degrees on a normal summers day. The same goes for having you lures in a box in the back of a truck all summer burning up in the sun. We are not talking about it getting to normal temps in a insulated shed, crawl space under a house or basement. If a lure can not handle this, find another lure maker that knows what he is doing. On the extreme, some guys have a refrigerator that runs all the time to keep lures in. This is not needed, but is nice. The lure will enjoy it I’m sure. This would be the best, it would keep the coyote lure and bait at a great temp during the summer months for sure. It is not necessary, but nice. Saying that, don’t put them in the fridg in the house or the woman of the house will be hard to live with for a while. I will not even go as far as saying that you need to do this and for goodness sake do not out and buy one to keep lures in. Save that money for more traps and fuel. When I get asked this question and I do get asked it a lot. I say to put it somewhere were the temps are livable for you and they do not go from high to low everyday.

If you have an old non-working deep freezer or non-working refrigerator, this is a great place to hold your coyote lures over till next trapping season. By using one of these, you can keep the temps stable and they will keep the temps down as long as you do not have them sitting out in the sun.

Sun light is a killer on about all coyote lures, coyote baits and coyote lure. DO NOT store any lure, bait or urine in the sun. You do not want to have lure in clear jars on a shelf where the sun comes through during the day a shines on it. Sun have a lot of ultraviolet light and it will break down a lot of coyote lure ingredients in short order. I have heard Johnny Thorpe warn trappers about buying lure from tail gaiters at trapping conventions, due to the lures being cooked in the sun all day, week after week.

Coyote urine can last for years in a cool dark place, like the back or a trap shed. It will turn almost black in time. It will not have as a fresh smell but it will still have an draw to coyotes. Some trappers like aged urine and some want it as fresh as they can get it. I personally like it fresh. Heat and sun light are bad new for coyote urine. If you want to store for a long time glass or plastic like Vodka comes in is always better than the white porous plastic bottles than urine is sold in. You want to have a better barrier for the urine than the bottles the urine is sold in with in the trapping industry.

If you are looking for fresh coyote urine, it is best to find a dealer that collects his own urine or smell the urine at a trapping convention. First off you need to buy fresh coyote urine to start with. If you notice stuff floating around in the urine, strain it out. Then place in freezer till ready to use. Keep in mind that like water, urine expands and you want to give it some more to do so.